New and Upcoming Products

We have BROADLEAF PROPAGATING POLYMER available. This polymer is a slightly smaller size than our regular Broadleaf P4 and is ideal for use in smaller modules and propagating systems.

Please contact us if you would be interested in this product and we will discuss your requirements. It is now available in 2, 10 and 25kg packs, and is the same price as the rest of our range.


We are now offering Broadleaf Root Dip and Broadleaf P4 in 250g containers as well as our traditional 2kg, 10kg and 25kg packs. These smaller packs are perfect for the casual or hobby gardener, this allows you to benefit from the superb performance of our Broadleaf products without having to buy at trade quantities.

A 250g tub of regular P4 will treat a quarter of a ton of soil/compost, while the same size tub of root dip will treat around 325 45-60 cm transplants (perfect for vegetables, bedding colour plants or any other situation where plant roots are liable to drying out).

Why not try it? You'll be astonished at how easy it makes gardening!

Why not visit Our Shop for prices and to buy, or contact us for more information.