Broadleaf P4 - Water Storing Granules

Broadleaf P4 can reduce your watering by approximately 75%

In addition, it provides improved soil structure and better plant and root growth. It also reduces leaching and fertiliser wastage.

P4 lasts in the soil for years, giving improved plant growth season after season, before eventually breaking down into non-harmful substances.

'P4' is a safe, man-made, granular soil and compost additive which can absorb hundreds of times it's own weight of water. When incorporated into growing or planting media, the polymer granules store rain or irrigation water right where it's needed - at the roots.

Plant roots colonise the millions of tiny reservoirs of water-charged polymer gel and can extract over 95% of the stored water as required, over an extended period of time.

P4 can repeatedly absorb, store and release water direct to the plant roots for 5 years or more and has been shown to be beneficial for all plant varieties at all growth stages (and in all growing media).

Below are just a few images demonstrating what P4 can do for your plants- for trial results and magazine articles please check our 'Technical Library'. Alternatively, if you want to know something specific or would like a copy of our price list, please email

How P4 Absorbs Water

P4 is stored and transported as small, non-hazardous crystals. Once these are mixed into your compost/growing media and hydrated, they begin absorbing water and swelling. Once they are fully hydrated, they resemble jelly particles. Plant roots colonise these particles, which release the water back to the plant as the plant needs it.

Adding P4 to Compost

Adding P4 to compost allows plants to grow faster and better than planting/seeding in non-treated compost. From a few flowers or veggies in the back garden to huge landscaping projects, P4 consistently provides increased growth compared to non-treated plants.

Speedier Maturation

It's not only increased growth, but faster maturation that makes P4 ideal for landscaping and hobby gardening. Plants flower earlier and for longer, as they have minimal water stress to slow their growth. In this picture, P4 treated plants are in the centre column, with non-treated plants on either side.

Plant Survival

These trays of Barley, grown under controlled drought conditions, show how the addition of P4 improves plant survival. The plants were not watered for the six days previous to this photograph, and you can see the P4 treated plants show no sign of water stress. The P4 treated Barley then matured to harvest stage with no additional water or nutrient supply.

If you would like to purchase P4, we can cater for all customers. We provide P4 in 250g tubs, 2kg buckets, 10kg buckets and 25kg sacks, and it has a shelf life of approximately 25 years when stored correctly.