Broadleaf Root Dip

Broadleaf Root Dip is beneficial for all sizes of softwood and hardwood trees and on all species of bushes and shrubs. It is also ideal for bare-root transplanting of vegetable crops and international transporting of bare-root plant material.


It should be noted that bare-root dipping is intended to act only as an anti-desiccant to extend out-of-soil life and counteract transplant shock. It is not designed to replace the incorporation of Broadleaf P4 into tree-planting pockets, which will still be needed to supply roots with adequate moisture to support a sizeable leaf canopy over an extended period of time after transplanting.

Bare-root treatment with BROADLEAF ROOT DIP and planting-pocket incorporation of Broadleaf P4 can be used together in a complementary manner to great short and long term benefit.

How Much Broadleaf Root Dip will be needed to treat a given quantity of bare-root stock?

The amount of gel that can be loaded onto the bare roots will depend on the type of root system (e.g. fibrous & bushy or spindly) and the consistency of the gel.

The following table shows the average quantity of bare-root stock that can be dipped with 1 Kg of powder, hydrated in average quality water. Please use for guidance only.

  Grade (cm) Quantity
Transplants 45-60 1300
  60-90 1100
  90-180 900
Feathered Whips 120-180 600
  180-240 500
• Light Standard 6-8 400
• Standard 8-10 300
• Selected Standard 10-12 150
• Heavy Standard 12-14 80
• Extra-heavy Standard 14-16 60
• Extra-heavy Standard 16-18 20


If dipped plant material has to be transported any significant distance to the planting site, cover the roots with a suitable carrier or container, such as a plastic wrap, to retain the gel around the roots.