Customer Feedback

Below are some comments and findings from our customers. Find out more (or read the full articles) in our 'Technical Library'.

Large scale water savings:

When trialled by Elmbridge Borough Council, they found that "watering was required on the polymer treated bed 7 times through the next 16 weeks whereas the untreated beds needed watering 52 times over the same period. This represents a saving on watering costs in the order of 86.54%".

In total, "the Borough estimates that £330.00 worth of P4 provided a gross saving of £1,400.00".

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Better stock quality:

From Nurseryman and Garden Centre Magazine: "the addition of P4 means [you] can produce a better quality, more mature plant, more consistently than before, in the same time".

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Gaining an edge on the competition:

One of our customers trialling P4 on container conifers came to the following conclusions:

"It is therefore possible to say that the inclusion of Broadleaf P4 in commercial composts has:

  1. Reduced the frequency of water application by much more than 50%. This is a saving of labour and water cost which would at least partially offset the additional cost of Broadleaf P4 and possibly release staff for more profitable duties.
  2. Reduced the amount of fertiliser leaching and/or made more efficient use of the fertiliser applied, indicating the possibility for reducing fertilizer application rates.
  3. Produced a plant reaching earlier market readiness. The shorter production time could also enable an extra crop during a given time period, further improving the earnings potential of the production area".

International hydroponic soilless growing media manufacturer:

"We found out that Rock Mineral Wool in combination with SAP is advanced product to be used as supplement growing media".

Of course, P4 is not our only product. We can tailor our products specifically to meet your needs, and one of our biggest non-P4 products is our Rootdip. Based on the same technology, it provides moisture and protection for bare-root transplants.

Wykeham Trees Limited use Rootdip for all their major customers- they find that "the dipping treatment is clean and easy to give and extraordinarily inexpensive; we also have the extra assurance that our trees are protected against desiccation regardless of the conditions they might meet between leaving our nursery and being re-planted".

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We are always interested in hearing from our customers, so please feel free to provide feedback for us - either on this page if you're happy to have it shared, or in an email to, marked confidential.