Benefits of Broadleaf P4

For optimum growth plants need 3 things from the soil or compost:

Moisture, Aeration, Nutrients

Broadleaf P4 helps improve availability of all three. At the same time it can extend intervals between irrigating by treble and more, saving time and money.

Broadleaf P4 is a granular polymer which can absorb hundreds of times its own weight of water.

When the granules come into contact with water they absorb it, swelling to form discrete particles of water-charged gel. Incorporated into soil or compost, the polymer acts as thousands of tiny reservoirs of 'contained' rain or irrigation water.

Soil and compost water-holding capacity is greatly increased and the roots of the growing crop colonise the gel particles, from which they can extract over 95% of the stored water as required, over a prolonged period of time. This dramatically reduces plant losses to moisture stress and improves establishment and growth.

Soil and compost are also easier to re-wet, reducing the need for wetting agents.

Wilted plants recover quicker when water is applied after drought stress.

Because the polymer holds water so efficiently, losses by evaporation and percolation are reduced, so fewer nutrients are leached away. In fact, dissolved nutrients can be absorbed into the polymer and extracted from it by plant roots directly and unimpeded, further improving nutrient usage.

The presence of the gel particles increases the porosity of soils and compost, counteracts compaction and creates a permanently open, well aerated structure. This promotes development of strong, extensive root systems which are better able to support vigorous, robust top growth.

Broadleaf P4 also alleviates waterlogging by facilitating drainage of surplus water beyond field capacity (so long as a drainage channel exists).new root colonising a p4 crystal This is not only important in normal soil, but is a vital tool in the reclamation of damaged or degraded soils.

Because P4 increases plant root growth and penetration, soil is improved by boosting organic matter and aeration throughout the profile.

Broadleaf P4 is inert, safe for all plant species in all types of growing media and is non-contaminating; is durable in most growing conditions and crop production systems, giving years of environmental benefit; has unlimited drying out and re-hydrating capacity.